Pong Breaker is a game combining the game Pong and the game Breakout.  The game can be played both alone or with another player in local co-op. Your goal in the game is to destroy all of the enemy's bricks  by launching the ball at them while defending your own bricks. The game's buff system will spawns buffs with different effects, the buffs will activate if touched by the ball and depending on their type will change the size of different object and spawn new balls.

You can play Pong Breaker in the browser or download it for windows from the download link below. 


  • 10 different levels
  • solo mode against an AI
  • 4 AI difficulty levels 
  • 2 player versus mode
  • 8 special game changing buffs
  • 6 different level layouts 
  • a lot of lights

and more...


Blue player -  The Up Arrow And Down Arrow

Orange player - The 'w' and 's' keys

UI Shortcuts 

Music toggle - 'm'

Back to previous menu - 'b'

Level Menu

Information panel - 'i'


Pause - space 

Sound Effects toggle - 'f'

Respawn ball - 'r'

Install instructions

Unzip and Run


PongBreakerWin1.2.zip 25 MB
PongBreakerMac1.2.zip 27 MB
PongBreakerLinux1.2.zip 38 MB

Development log


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Very cool game !!

I would like to see some new updates!

good luck Tiron